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The ultimate in-person workshop for skyrocketing productivity

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Are you ready to grow your team, improve your culture and keep your clients coming back?

Join us for the best-selling interactive 1-day workshop, THE STRUCTURE LAB. This workshop is the first step to creating a bespoke in-salon culture that your team and clients will LOVE.


Join my best-selling in-person workshop, THE STRUCTURE LAB. Together, we will create the salon team of your dreams.

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Who it’s for:
Salon owners wanting to sky rocket their productivity and get the best results from their team.

What’s included:
Learn the secrets to running a successful salon
Learn how to manage a happy and profitable team
Learn how to set standards to get the best out of your team
Learn how to create consistency in your teams overall performance

Plus take home your very own customised Salon Culture & Client Expectations blue print!

Read more kind words from STUDENTS

  • “Loved learning from Hayley. I will be able to go back to my salon and utilist all aspects of today’s seminar in my business.” Lisa Peters, Reds.

    – Lisa Peters, Reds
  • “The best training I have had! The content was super relevant for me. Delivery was clear & professional and easy to follow. I really enjoyed Hayley’s energy. Thankyou? ” Aleisha Fuss, HairCartelle.

    – Aleisha Fuss, HairCartelle
  • “The knowledge I’ve taken away from today is so valuable for the future planning of my salon. Hayley is so motivating & inspirational. The Structure Lab is a definite must!” Matthew Perrin, THLBMP.

    – Matthew Perrin, THLBMP
  • “Hayley is a fantastic educator who is real about what happens in salon. Very relatable and a great course to polish your current methods.” Melissa Coulter, Touch of Utopia.

    – Melissa Coulter, Touch of Utopia
  • “Hayley is straight to the point and tells salon owners exactly what they need to hear. This industry is struggling and her advise will elevate the industry.” Ross, Wella.

    – Ross, Wella
  • “I found this education program very influential and informative. This has given me great insight to what salon owners deal with daily. To be apart of this experience today was truly amazing. Thank you Hayley.” Sarah, Harrington Hair.

    – Sarah, Harrington Hair
  • “After Hayley’s course I was able to breath fresh air back in to my business and focus on goals and growth.” Mat, Mats Hair Factory.

    – Mat, Mats Hair Factory
  • “Hayley is such a gem for our industry. She knows how to get to the nitty gritty but in a kind & fun way. Her knowledge is endless. I highly recommend you do her course.” Denise, Gosh & Co.

    – Denise, Gosh & Co
  • “The Minogue edu day was inspiring and full of so much knowledge. I am walking away today excited to put all the information in place. I am also excited to see and participate in the future Minogue edu.” Jacinta, JFrankie Hair.

    – Jacinta, JFrankie Hair
  • “Hayley is a fantastic educator. She has a lot of experience running salons and dealing with staff. Implementing small procedures that Hayley has recommended will really give our business and a boots of motivation.” Jessie, Jessie’s Hair Co.

    Jessie, Jessie’s Hair Co
  • “I have come away from today so refreshed, inspired and motivated. Hayley has such great knowledge on keeping the team structure happy & motivated and has shown me how well you’re salon can run with proper systems in place.” Chantelle Castle, Viva La Blonde.

    – Chantelle Castle, Viva La Blonde
  • “Hayley is great to know as a business owner. The constant thoughts and forward thinking i have to do shows me I’m not alone. There are a lot of people our there doing it with you.” Sally, SB Hairdressing.

    – Sally, SB Hairdressing