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  • How To Lead An Effective Salon Team Meeting

    effective salon team meeting

    How often have you conducted a salon team meeting with your stylists and staff and find yourself with an unfocused audience and zero participation? Do you keep on repeating the same agenda and explaining the same points over and over again?

    Well, you’re not alone. 

    Any salon owner can attest that conducting regular team meetings and one-on-one appraisals help transform people, boost performance and improve culture. However, running salon team meetings can come with plenty of challenges – poor leadership, lack of planning, high absentees and low morale, among others.

    So, how can you successfully conduct a dynamic and interactive salon team meeting? 

    The next time you conduct one, shift your approach from a leader/owner-driven to a stylist/staff-driven one. We outlined below 5 questions you can use as a guide in your next beauty salon team meeting that takes this approach.

    5 Questions To Ask On Your Next Salon Team Meeting

    What’s working for you? 

    Since your last salon team meeting (or one-on-one appraisal) you have with them, ask them what they think is working. And this could be about anything – the house rules, the salon SOP’s, the commission schemes, pre-booking, or retail. This will give you insights into your good practices and find ways to highlight them as your strengths.

    What’s not working?

    Next is to ask them what’s not working. Often, what you think as the salon owner could be drastically different from what your staff thinks. They are your frontline and interact with your customers on a daily basis so it’s worthwhile to hear their thoughts. Keep the conversation going and your mind open. Try not to interrupt as much as possible.

    What can you improve?

    After hearing what works and the what not’s, it’s time to ask them to share with you the things they can improve on between now up to your next salon team meeting. This will give them a sense of inclusion and that they matter. It can also excite them to set goals and intentions regarding their productivity and performance.

    What can I help you with?

    This is your turn to let them know that you are willing to provide them with the tools they needed for success in this industry. Show them that you encourage and support their career growth and that you are available and accessible to your team for coaching and advice. One key factor in keeping your team motivated and productive is to let them know that you have their back and you’re there to support them professionally.

    What will you commit to do? 

    Finally, get them to commit to 2-3 things that they will do starting today until the next meeting. It doesn’t have to be big – it could be as simple as coming to work on time or cleaning the dispensary after every use. Keep note of their commitments as these will now be a part of your next meeting’s agenda.

    Some more tips!

    Also, take note of these tips the next time you conduct a salon team meeting:

    • Be organised. Set a date and keep the schedule of the meetings consistent. Prepare an agenda and disseminate it to your staff prior to the meeting.
    • Be purposeful. Keep the content and your overall agenda on your salon’s operations and promotions. Limit your agenda to 3 to 5 important objectives, plan your discussion points and stick to them so you don’t get sidetracked.
    • Celebrate and recognize. Hit your sales target early? Got raving feedback from a customer? Share and celebrate these wins with your team and recognize people instrumental in accomplishing them.
    • Encourage them to participate. Share the podium with your team and allow their voice to be heard. Delegate portions of your staff meetings to others. For example, ask your senior staff to present updates, new processes or changes. Ask open-ended questions and welcome all ideas and thoughts.
    • Keep it light and have fun. You can start the meeting with an ice breaker or some team-building exercises. Meetings don’t need to be serious all the time, lighten up!

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