• How To Make Your Salon More Profitable

    how to increase salon profit

    How are your retail sales? How are your upsells? Cross-sells? Other services? Are all your service providers busy? These are questions you should be asking yourself if you want to increase your salon business profit. But to put everything in a simple perspective, making your salon more profitable comes down to two points:

    Reduce your expenses

    This means reducing your overhead, possibly letting go of some staff, and eliminating services that are not making you money. Reducing your salon expenses also means tracking your spendings and removing the unprofitable ones.


    Increase your sales

    You can increase your salon sales in a lot of ways. You can either

    • Grow your client base,
    • Increase the average spend per visit, or
    • Increase the frequency of their visit to your business

    But there’s one way to make your salon more profitable and hit all three points mentioned above – simply make sure your new salon clients return for a 2nd visit (and a 3rd and 4th and so on, for that matter)

    On average, salon owners only turn 30% of their new clients into regular, loyal clients. Let’s use this figure in the next section to calculate your salon’s potential profit and leakage cost.

    Know your potential profit number to make your salon more profitable

    Your leakage cost is the opportunity lost each time you lose a new client. But before we calculate this, let’s explore the potential profit of your salon business first.

    Average Cut x Average Visit per Year = Customer Spending Per Year

    Let’s say your haircut rate is $50 and the average visit of each customer per year is 5 times. Your potential profit per customer is then $250. If we add in a couple of colour services, say twice a year at $75 per visit – that’s $400 potential profit per new client annually.

    Assuming you have 50 new clients coming to your salon every month  (50 clients x 12 months x $400), you are now seeing a $192,000 potential annual profit for your salon just from these new clients and basic services.

    Taking in what we previously mentioned that salons only keep about 30% of new clients and losing the other 70%, that’s 420 new clients each year bringing their money elsewhere i.e. your competitors. And that’s a whopping $134,400 of leakage cost and profit you’re missing out on. 

    If you start working on converting an extra 5% of your new clients into regular ones will already make your salon more profitable by $12,000 in gross profit each year. 10% and that doubles the figure to $24,000 annually. You can also ensure more profits by increasing their spending per visit by encouraging them to buy retail or avail more services than just a haircut or hair colour.

    Identify Customers You Want To Keep

    Another way to make your salon more profitable is by classifying your customers – those whom to keep and whom to fire. Ideally, you only want to keep on growing your client base. However, trying to maintain all customers and giving them equal attention and resources might just be keeping you from making more profit.

    So, what kind of customers should you keep? You would classify your A-list customers as low maintenance ones turning in high profit.

    You don’t want those who spend very little but want to get the best possible deal and the juiciest discount. Who are these customers? They don’t buy retail, they drive your team nuts, they usually don’t turn up on their appointments, and generally keep you from servicing your profitable clients. Letting these customers go is not shrinking your client base – it is actually a sensible management strategy to increase your salon business profit.

    Your A-list clients are those who will try new services, buy your retail and recommend you to their friends. They are the ones who deserve your time, resources and efforts. They need to be taken care of and nurtured.

    Pay Close Attention To Your Front Desk

    Your front desk staff plays a very crucial role in bringing more business and profit to your salon. You need to ensure that your front desk is being run efficiently and your putting the right people there.

    Your front desk staff should be there with a mission and make the most out of every call and every walk-in. You need them to

    1. Give leads for the business by getting contact information for you.
    2. Ensure every phone call gets to the appointment book
    3. Provide value to customers by giving them helpful information
    4. Promote your website and ongoing promotions
    5. Sell your other services
    6. Do follow-ups

    And that goes for every member of your salon team. Everyone should be there working to make money for the business. You should not have people who are there to just do the hours and just waiting to clock out. 

    Let’s discuss how you skyrocket your salon business profitability and level up your business, book a call with me here.

  • How To Lead An Effective Salon Team Meeting

    effective salon team meeting

    How often have you conducted a salon team meeting with your stylists and staff and find yourself with an unfocused audience and zero participation? Do you keep on repeating the same agenda and explaining the same points over and over again?

    Well, you’re not alone. 

    Any salon owner can attest that conducting regular team meetings and one-on-one appraisals help transform people, boost performance and improve culture. However, running salon team meetings can come with plenty of challenges – poor leadership, lack of planning, high absentees and low morale, among others.

    So, how can you successfully conduct a dynamic and interactive salon team meeting? 

    The next time you conduct one, shift your approach from a leader/owner-driven to a stylist/staff-driven one. We outlined below 5 questions you can use as a guide in your next beauty salon team meeting that takes this approach.

    5 Questions To Ask On Your Next Salon Team Meeting

    What’s working for you? 

    Since your last salon team meeting (or one-on-one appraisal) you have with them, ask them what they think is working. And this could be about anything – the house rules, the salon SOP’s, the commission schemes, pre-booking, or retail. This will give you insights into your good practices and find ways to highlight them as your strengths.

    What’s not working?

    Next is to ask them what’s not working. Often, what you think as the salon owner could be drastically different from what your staff thinks. They are your frontline and interact with your customers on a daily basis so it’s worthwhile to hear their thoughts. Keep the conversation going and your mind open. Try not to interrupt as much as possible.

    What can you improve?

    After hearing what works and the what not’s, it’s time to ask them to share with you the things they can improve on between now up to your next salon team meeting. This will give them a sense of inclusion and that they matter. It can also excite them to set goals and intentions regarding their productivity and performance.

    What can I help you with?

    This is your turn to let them know that you are willing to provide them with the tools they needed for success in this industry. Show them that you encourage and support their career growth and that you are available and accessible to your team for coaching and advice. One key factor in keeping your team motivated and productive is to let them know that you have their back and you’re there to support them professionally.

    What will you commit to do? 

    Finally, get them to commit to 2-3 things that they will do starting today until the next meeting. It doesn’t have to be big – it could be as simple as coming to work on time or cleaning the dispensary after every use. Keep note of their commitments as these will now be a part of your next meeting’s agenda.

    Some more tips!

    Also, take note of these tips the next time you conduct a salon team meeting:

    • Be organised. Set a date and keep the schedule of the meetings consistent. Prepare an agenda and disseminate it to your staff prior to the meeting.
    • Be purposeful. Keep the content and your overall agenda on your salon’s operations and promotions. Limit your agenda to 3 to 5 important objectives, plan your discussion points and stick to them so you don’t get sidetracked.
    • Celebrate and recognize. Hit your sales target early? Got raving feedback from a customer? Share and celebrate these wins with your team and recognize people instrumental in accomplishing them.
    • Encourage them to participate. Share the podium with your team and allow their voice to be heard. Delegate portions of your staff meetings to others. For example, ask your senior staff to present updates, new processes or changes. Ask open-ended questions and welcome all ideas and thoughts.
    • Keep it light and have fun. You can start the meeting with an ice breaker or some team-building exercises. Meetings don’t need to be serious all the time, lighten up!

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  • How Your Salon Can Survive COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world by storm. A high number of individuals and businesses were found in a situation where nothing depended on them. As people were forced to stay at home, practice social distancing, and limit their exposure to the outer world, businesses started to see the effects. Many fashion brands were forced to close their stores and convert to online shopping and deliveries. Some even went out of business. Hairdressing salons were facing the same thing. Many of them are still closed or just opened up recently. The pandemic hit the economy hard and its consequences are still about to come out.

    Hairdressing salons, as part of the businesses that provide services to clients with a physical presence, were among the most vulnerable companies. Being closed for a long time is not a good thing for the business, for the profit and the incomes of the employees. The owners of these salons were looking for many different solutions but staying in business mainly depended on the customers being interested in receiving the service at the time of the pandemic. 

    However, there is a solution to almost anything. And surviving and maintaining a business such as a hairdressing salon requires a bit of creativity and dedication. So, how can your salon survive this pandemic? Here are some helpful tips:

    Send emails

    Sending emails in the form of newsletters or just sharing information connected to the hair industry and hairdressing is an excellent first step. Clients want to be updated with the latest trends and news, even if they are locked up in their homes. These emails are a nice touch to keep close to your clientele and to show that you care for your clients and that you are all in this situation together. 

    Update your social media profiles

    Updating and posting on social media is a very reassuring approach. Since social media is the biggest news medium today, your clients may want to be up to speed and informed about what is going on with their favourite hairdressing salon. On the other hand, this is quite the reassurance that the salon is not going out of business and that they will soon come and enjoy your time together, get the service they want, and fall back into their hair care routine soon. 

    Online interaction

    Since everything had gone online to maintain social distance, so should you. Start with creating online live events once a month. During this time, invite all of your customers to join. This is an excellent way for them to ask questions, show the condition of their hair, ask for some advice, or just interact. This is also a good way for you to present novelties, products, and techniques and also show tips on how to style hair at home. The clients will feel cared for and will most certainly recommend the session to their friends. This wider and bigger audience is a potential for expansion and new clientele. Big win for your business!

    Convert to e-Commerce

    It is more than obvious that you cannot sell your services online because hair services require skill and physical presence. However, there is another thing that you can do which will result in income even though the doors of the salon are closed. The secret here is to find what out what your customers need, and with a little creativity, deliver it to them. One of the most requested services when visiting a hairdresser is hair colouring and getting a haircut. These are something that can also be done at home with the right products and direction. For the clients that need colouring, selling at-home colouring kits is a fabulous idea. These kits can include gloves, brushes, bowls, and mixed colours. The clients can also buy professional hair care products, accessories, and tools that will make home hair care much easier and more enjoyable. 

    These are just little pointers for your business to be present though you cannot physically serve your clients at this time. They also present an opportunity for growing the business into a more digitized direction – something that your clients will appreciate even when all of this is over. Being prepared to adapt instead of giving up is the most crucial thing for your business to survive these difficult times. Having a vision, a bit of creativity and a desire to keep your business going is very important for it to survive and to have your clients happy to step into your salon once more.

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  • How To Retain And Make Your Salon Customers Happy

    It’s crucial for salon owners to pay close attention to all aspects of their business. You need to recognise some necessary marketing strategies to make your salon customers happy to keep them coming back for more of your wonderful services. 

    Nevertheless, trying to figure out what you need to do to retain your clients can be quite frustrating. Also, finding new salon clients is relatively more challenging than retaining current ones. But often, it’s those little changes that can have a massive impact on how your clients will perceive the quality of your services. 

    But with a little help, you’ll be able to operate a successful salon business in no time. So with that in mind, here are some valuable tips that can retain your customers and keep them happy as well.

    First Impression Lasts

    Clients tend to form an opinion the moment they enter a business. For this reason, the first impression always counts. So once they walk in your salon, make eye contact, welcome them warmly, and ask their name. If they have an appointment, ensure that everything is all set up and avoid making them wait.

    Additionally, customers will judge the overall appearance of your salon from the get-go. For this reason, it’s important to keep workstations clutter-free and neat all the time to make an amasing first impression.

    Create An Inviting Ambiance

    Going the extra mile to make your clients feel comfortable and welcome can do wonders for your business. It can be as simple as offering them bottled water or a glass of juice or putting some goodies and snacks out.

    You may also consider offering them a quick and relaxing massage while they wait. Also, make sure the music playing in the background is not too loud. Creating an inviting and relaxing environment will show your salon customers that you care enough to make their experience a delightful one.

    Create A Loyalty Program For Your Loyal Clients

    Develop a loyalty scheme where your loyal customers can sign up and earn points for every service or product they purchase. You can give them discounts or provide them with free treatments when they reach a certain number of services. 

    Loyalty programs are a great way to give your regular clients incentives so that they can save money. It’s also an effective and quick way of attracting your clients to book more treatments and services with you. Likewise, it’s a simple technique that will make people want to visit your salon regularly. 

    But ensure your customers understand how it works by explaining your terms and conditions to them. Also, make sure your salon staff updates client details after each of their treatments so that you don’t miss any due discounts. 

    Give Your New Clients With Rewards

    Offering discounts on the next treatment of your new clients will encourage them to make another appointment. This is another simple yet powerful way that may persuade them to book for a second treatment. Who doesn’t love receiving a great deal, right?

    Be Consistent With Your Services

    No matter how beautiful your salon and its business model looks, it’ll go to waste if you’re not delivering top-notch services that your clients expect. So make sure that the entire team provides high-quality service consistently so that your treatments do not vary with each stylist. The last thing you want is to see your customers go to your competitor because one of your staff is unavailable.

    Reply To Inquiries And Emails Promptly

    If a current or potential client inquires about a service or product, either through text, email, or social media, reply within 24 hours. Don’t make them wait any longer than that. And if you can, replay within an hour. Acknowledge it by replying and letting them know that you’ll respond to their questions as soon as you. This is far more effective than making them wait for several hours for a detailed, long email. 

    Make Their Experience Personal

    One of the biggest reasons people go to salons is to unwind and relax. Hence, those small personal touches can add to their overall experience. Get to know your customers. Find out if they like a drink while having treatment, what their favourite magazines are, and so on. Individually knowing your customers allows you to provide them with an experience that goes beyond their expectations.

    Listen To What Your Clients Have To Say

    Once a customer enters your business, give them your undivided attention, even if they’re not a regular client. It’s vital for you and your stylists to know the interests and lifestyles of your clients. This will give you an idea of what sort of treatments they may have interest in. 

    Additionally, try to remember little details that your customers may have mentioned on their last appointment, like a family gathering or holiday. Doing so will make your client feel like you value them enough to listen, which will also make them relax more. Nevertheless, avoid getting overboard and stepping over the line. 

     Furthermore, there are customers that may want guidance and advice, so be ready and willing to offer it. Once you are able to build a relationship with your salon clients, they’ll start to trust you. As a result, it’ll be difficult for them to go to a different stylist since you already know what works best for them.

    Do Not Forget Stay In Touch

    The journey of your clients is essential. And staying in touch with them is a fantastic way to create a loyal and lasting relationship with your clients. A simple thank you for their visit and reminding them about their upcoming appointment through text or email can make a world of difference. 

    You can even go the extra mile during their birthday by sending out a greeting card. Maybe, you can even offer a special discount on their special day. Communicating with your customers and making them feel a little special will make it easier for them to say yes when you offer to book them in.

  • How To Effectively Grow Your Salon With Social Media

    Growing any type of business is challenging. This is especially true in the highly competitive beauty industry. Hence, it is vital to get out there and be visible as much as you can. No doubt, providing excellent services retain clients for years to come. A happy customer will recommend your salon to their family, friends, and colleagues. 

    However, in today’s digital world, you can’t simply rely on word of mouth to help your business survive. It also needs to have a strong online presence. Social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to level up your marketing game. It’s not only an affordable way to promote your salon business, but it can also help you develop a long-lasting relationship with your clients. 

    How Can My Salon Business Benefit From Social Media?

    Every year, more and more people are using social media for their needs. That’s why companies must know how they can use and connect with their customers with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. 

    So how can your salon business benefit from it?

    • Social media is an easy way to engage and connect with your clients. 
    • It helps you reach a wider audience. This can lead to attracting potential customers outside the proximity of your physical shop. 
    • You can use it to provide them with information and content relevant to them. 
    • Likewise, it’s a valuable tool to raise more awareness about your brand and services. 
    • You can also utilise its power to build brand loyalty by showing your clients what makes it different and unique. 

    The Importance Of Posting Engaging And Valuable Content

    Salon customers want everything there is to know about your products, services, and stylists. And an excellent way to provide them all these valuable pieces of information is through the social media channels of your business. 

    What you can do is to regularly create posts describing the products you’re using and the services they can book. Doing this allows your current and potential clients to recognise the quality of your products and how they can get the most out of them. You can also post weekly tips on how to achieve a certain look or what styles are trending right now. 

    Likewise, you can utilise your social media platforms to inform your clients about ongoing or upcoming specials and promotions your salon is offering. Your current clientele will most likely take advantage of these deals and make an appointment. Also, it’s a great way to attract new ones. 

    Tips On How To Market Your Salon On Facebook 

    Almost everyone across the world is on Facebook. Hence, it’s the perfect social media platform where you can communicate with your target demographic. You can use it to let them know about your products and services. Likewise, you can post photos of satisfied customers with their feedback. Plus, you can promote your brand further and raise awareness by running monthly giveaways on it.

    Here are things to keep in mind when marketing your salon company on Facebook:

    • Write posts that are useful, relevant, and valuable. Make sure the posts are engaging and will encourage your customers to give their opinion.
    • Post plenty of high-quality and creative photos. The best way to take advantage of the marketing prowess of Facebook is through visuals. Posting and showcasing the work you’re most proud of with images instead of plain text is more appealing. It can be anything, from unique and fun nail art to stunning bridal hairstyles. This, in turn, can attract new clientele to your doors. It’ll also bring in new referrals since your current clients can share these photos on their timeline.
    • Your salon’s Facebook page is an extension of your official website. It’s vital that whenever someone visits your FB page, they’ll be able to find everything they’re looking for. The platform features many useful tabs which you can use to show your services, reviews, and even locations.
    • Catch the attention of your customers with giveaways and contests. Who doesn’t love freebies? It can be a 10% discount on beauty packages on Valentine’s day or a $30 gift card. Whatever it is, it’ll get people’s attention. You can simply ask them to share the post on their timeline and tag their friends to win. Often, customers even tag people on their friends list in the comment section. 
    • Target your Facebook Ads. Targeting is a great way to use the full ability of Facebook Ads. You may want to consider targeting those near the location of your salon, or people who FB pages related to the beauty industry. Doing so will ensure that your ads will show up on the newsfeed of the right people.

    How Your Salon Can Take Advantage Of Instagram

    Instagram has hundreds of millions of users, making it one of the cores of social media. The main focus of the platform is visuals, and pictures are a fantastic way to market your business online. However, make sure that the photos you’ll use are of high-quality, entertaining, quirky, and creative. Also, they should show a wide range of your work and follow the theme of your brand.

    With that in mind, here’s how you can use Instagram to your salon’s advantage:

    • Be strategic when writing your bio. Unlike other social media channels, Insta is more casual. It means you have to avoid writing a boring and dull bio, as well as using business jargon. Instead, lean towards a more lighthearted tone that will appeal to your target customers. You can even use vertical spacing, hashtags, emojis on your bio to make it stand out from your competitors.
    • Make your feed cohesive. Creating a cohesive feed will help strengthen your brand on IG. Ideally, you want the color scheme of your pictures to be similar. You may also want to consider using the same editing process and filter on all of your posts. Again, it’s vital to keep your audience in mind what kind of pictures will appeal to them the most.
    • Show how talented your stylist is with before and after photos. In the world of social media, words are not enough to show client feedback. You can grab user attention more by posting how you were able to transform your customers.
    • Follow trends. If you want to drive more users to your IG profile, utilise hashtags that are trending. It’ll also help more potential clients find out about your business while showcasing its services or products.
    • Take advantage of geography. Another way to use hashtags strategically is by pointing out your salon’s location. This way, people who are searching for a salon nearby may likely stumble upon the photo you posted. For example, if your salon is within Melbourne, include #Melbourne and #Victoria on your post. Customers looking to get their hair done will be able to locate your salon quickly and easily.
    • Offer discounts. Offering exclusive discounts can help keep the existing followers of your salon business and gain new ones. Simply design a graphic showing a discount code and your discount percentage using apps. Then, create a creative and catchy caption on how they can utilise the code. You can ask them to repost your post using the hashtags provided and tagging as many IG friends as they can.

    Growing Your Salon On Twitter

    Twitter is quite limited in terms of how long you can post. Nonetheless, if you know how it works and understands how to utilise it for marketing, it can help drive a lot of traffic to your business. 

    It’s perfect for providing people with information about your salon, build your brand, and generate income. Likewise, it’s ideal for holding contests and sharing interesting articles from your blog. So follow these easy tips if you want to make sure you’re Tweeting efficiently to your followers:

    • Make your profile effective. Twitter allows you to customise your account’s profile background, which is a chance for you to add further information about your salon aside from the 160-description option. Remember that the description of your profile should an effective yet brief summary of your company. Additionally, it’s a good idea to include a link to your site and keywords relevant to the Twitter world.
    • Follow influencers on the beauty industry. Follow and connect with as many top people in the business. Chances are, they may also follow you back, which, in turn, can help build your following.
    • Be human and engaging. Don’t be that boring profile where you only tweet about your business. What you want is to get personal and give your followers a little peek of your life. However, avoid being too personal. Instead, try to write about various things to catch their attention. Twitter is the easiest and quickest platform to connect with your clients. And your salon can massively benefit when you boost your activity and engagement around your company.
    • Set your profile to public. One of the biggest mistakes often made by business owners is not making their profile public. As a salon company, you need to understand that, you’re tweeting and posting information, media, and content for your customers. So you’ll limit your salon’s exposure if you set its profile to private.
    • Do not forget about your visuals. Again, visuals can attract clients more than anything. Utilise rich media when posting images of your products and services. That way, you’ll increase the audience appeal of your salon and stand out in the Twitter feed, which is fast-moving.


    By following these simple social media marketing tips for your salon, you will not only retain current clients but increase your chances of getting new ones. Moreover, you’ll gain brand loyalty and provide your followers with good user experience.