Month: November 2020

  • How Your Salon Can Survive COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world by storm. A high number of individuals and businesses were found in a situation where nothing depended on them. As people were forced to stay at home, practice social distancing, and limit their exposure to the outer world, businesses started to see the effects. Many fashion brands were forced to close their stores and convert to online shopping and deliveries. Some even went out of business. Hairdressing salons were facing the same thing. Many of them are still closed or just opened up recently. The pandemic hit the economy hard and its consequences are still about to come out.

    Hairdressing salons, as part of the businesses that provide services to clients with a physical presence, were among the most vulnerable companies. Being closed for a long time is not a good thing for the business, for the profit and the incomes of the employees. The owners of these salons were looking for many different solutions but staying in business mainly depended on the customers being interested in receiving the service at the time of the pandemic. 

    However, there is a solution to almost anything. And surviving and maintaining a business such as a hairdressing salon requires a bit of creativity and dedication. So, how can your salon survive this pandemic? Here are some helpful tips:

    Send emails

    Sending emails in the form of newsletters or just sharing information connected to the hair industry and hairdressing is an excellent first step. Clients want to be updated with the latest trends and news, even if they are locked up in their homes. These emails are a nice touch to keep close to your clientele and to show that you care for your clients and that you are all in this situation together. 

    Update your social media profiles

    Updating and posting on social media is a very reassuring approach. Since social media is the biggest news medium today, your clients may want to be up to speed and informed about what is going on with their favourite hairdressing salon. On the other hand, this is quite the reassurance that the salon is not going out of business and that they will soon come and enjoy your time together, get the service they want, and fall back into their hair care routine soon. 

    Online interaction

    Since everything had gone online to maintain social distance, so should you. Start with creating online live events once a month. During this time, invite all of your customers to join. This is an excellent way for them to ask questions, show the condition of their hair, ask for some advice, or just interact. This is also a good way for you to present novelties, products, and techniques and also show tips on how to style hair at home. The clients will feel cared for and will most certainly recommend the session to their friends. This wider and bigger audience is a potential for expansion and new clientele. Big win for your business!

    Convert to e-Commerce

    It is more than obvious that you cannot sell your services online because hair services require skill and physical presence. However, there is another thing that you can do which will result in income even though the doors of the salon are closed. The secret here is to find what out what your customers need, and with a little creativity, deliver it to them. One of the most requested services when visiting a hairdresser is hair colouring and getting a haircut. These are something that can also be done at home with the right products and direction. For the clients that need colouring, selling at-home colouring kits is a fabulous idea. These kits can include gloves, brushes, bowls, and mixed colours. The clients can also buy professional hair care products, accessories, and tools that will make home hair care much easier and more enjoyable. 

    These are just little pointers for your business to be present though you cannot physically serve your clients at this time. They also present an opportunity for growing the business into a more digitized direction – something that your clients will appreciate even when all of this is over. Being prepared to adapt instead of giving up is the most crucial thing for your business to survive these difficult times. Having a vision, a bit of creativity and a desire to keep your business going is very important for it to survive and to have your clients happy to step into your salon once more.