Month: January 2020

  • How To Effectively Grow Your Salon With Social Media

    Growing any type of business is challenging. This is especially true in the highly competitive beauty industry. Hence, it is vital to get out there and be visible as much as you can. No doubt, providing excellent services retain clients for years to come. A happy customer will recommend your salon to their family, friends, and colleagues. 

    However, in today’s digital world, you can’t simply rely on word of mouth to help your business survive. It also needs to have a strong online presence. Social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to level up your marketing game. It’s not only an affordable way to promote your salon business, but it can also help you develop a long-lasting relationship with your clients. 

    How Can My Salon Business Benefit From Social Media?

    Every year, more and more people are using social media for their needs. That’s why companies must know how they can use and connect with their customers with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. 

    So how can your salon business benefit from it?

    • Social media is an easy way to engage and connect with your clients. 
    • It helps you reach a wider audience. This can lead to attracting potential customers outside the proximity of your physical shop. 
    • You can use it to provide them with information and content relevant to them. 
    • Likewise, it’s a valuable tool to raise more awareness about your brand and services. 
    • You can also utilise its power to build brand loyalty by showing your clients what makes it different and unique. 

    The Importance Of Posting Engaging And Valuable Content

    Salon customers want everything there is to know about your products, services, and stylists. And an excellent way to provide them all these valuable pieces of information is through the social media channels of your business. 

    What you can do is to regularly create posts describing the products you’re using and the services they can book. Doing this allows your current and potential clients to recognise the quality of your products and how they can get the most out of them. You can also post weekly tips on how to achieve a certain look or what styles are trending right now. 

    Likewise, you can utilise your social media platforms to inform your clients about ongoing or upcoming specials and promotions your salon is offering. Your current clientele will most likely take advantage of these deals and make an appointment. Also, it’s a great way to attract new ones. 

    Tips On How To Market Your Salon On Facebook 

    Almost everyone across the world is on Facebook. Hence, it’s the perfect social media platform where you can communicate with your target demographic. You can use it to let them know about your products and services. Likewise, you can post photos of satisfied customers with their feedback. Plus, you can promote your brand further and raise awareness by running monthly giveaways on it.

    Here are things to keep in mind when marketing your salon company on Facebook:

    • Write posts that are useful, relevant, and valuable. Make sure the posts are engaging and will encourage your customers to give their opinion.
    • Post plenty of high-quality and creative photos. The best way to take advantage of the marketing prowess of Facebook is through visuals. Posting and showcasing the work you’re most proud of with images instead of plain text is more appealing. It can be anything, from unique and fun nail art to stunning bridal hairstyles. This, in turn, can attract new clientele to your doors. It’ll also bring in new referrals since your current clients can share these photos on their timeline.
    • Your salon’s Facebook page is an extension of your official website. It’s vital that whenever someone visits your FB page, they’ll be able to find everything they’re looking for. The platform features many useful tabs which you can use to show your services, reviews, and even locations.
    • Catch the attention of your customers with giveaways and contests. Who doesn’t love freebies? It can be a 10% discount on beauty packages on Valentine’s day or a $30 gift card. Whatever it is, it’ll get people’s attention. You can simply ask them to share the post on their timeline and tag their friends to win. Often, customers even tag people on their friends list in the comment section. 
    • Target your Facebook Ads. Targeting is a great way to use the full ability of Facebook Ads. You may want to consider targeting those near the location of your salon, or people who FB pages related to the beauty industry. Doing so will ensure that your ads will show up on the newsfeed of the right people.

    How Your Salon Can Take Advantage Of Instagram

    Instagram has hundreds of millions of users, making it one of the cores of social media. The main focus of the platform is visuals, and pictures are a fantastic way to market your business online. However, make sure that the photos you’ll use are of high-quality, entertaining, quirky, and creative. Also, they should show a wide range of your work and follow the theme of your brand.

    With that in mind, here’s how you can use Instagram to your salon’s advantage:

    • Be strategic when writing your bio. Unlike other social media channels, Insta is more casual. It means you have to avoid writing a boring and dull bio, as well as using business jargon. Instead, lean towards a more lighthearted tone that will appeal to your target customers. You can even use vertical spacing, hashtags, emojis on your bio to make it stand out from your competitors.
    • Make your feed cohesive. Creating a cohesive feed will help strengthen your brand on IG. Ideally, you want the color scheme of your pictures to be similar. You may also want to consider using the same editing process and filter on all of your posts. Again, it’s vital to keep your audience in mind what kind of pictures will appeal to them the most.
    • Show how talented your stylist is with before and after photos. In the world of social media, words are not enough to show client feedback. You can grab user attention more by posting how you were able to transform your customers.
    • Follow trends. If you want to drive more users to your IG profile, utilise hashtags that are trending. It’ll also help more potential clients find out about your business while showcasing its services or products.
    • Take advantage of geography. Another way to use hashtags strategically is by pointing out your salon’s location. This way, people who are searching for a salon nearby may likely stumble upon the photo you posted. For example, if your salon is within Melbourne, include #Melbourne and #Victoria on your post. Customers looking to get their hair done will be able to locate your salon quickly and easily.
    • Offer discounts. Offering exclusive discounts can help keep the existing followers of your salon business and gain new ones. Simply design a graphic showing a discount code and your discount percentage using apps. Then, create a creative and catchy caption on how they can utilise the code. You can ask them to repost your post using the hashtags provided and tagging as many IG friends as they can.

    Growing Your Salon On Twitter

    Twitter is quite limited in terms of how long you can post. Nonetheless, if you know how it works and understands how to utilise it for marketing, it can help drive a lot of traffic to your business. 

    It’s perfect for providing people with information about your salon, build your brand, and generate income. Likewise, it’s ideal for holding contests and sharing interesting articles from your blog. So follow these easy tips if you want to make sure you’re Tweeting efficiently to your followers:

    • Make your profile effective. Twitter allows you to customise your account’s profile background, which is a chance for you to add further information about your salon aside from the 160-description option. Remember that the description of your profile should an effective yet brief summary of your company. Additionally, it’s a good idea to include a link to your site and keywords relevant to the Twitter world.
    • Follow influencers on the beauty industry. Follow and connect with as many top people in the business. Chances are, they may also follow you back, which, in turn, can help build your following.
    • Be human and engaging. Don’t be that boring profile where you only tweet about your business. What you want is to get personal and give your followers a little peek of your life. However, avoid being too personal. Instead, try to write about various things to catch their attention. Twitter is the easiest and quickest platform to connect with your clients. And your salon can massively benefit when you boost your activity and engagement around your company.
    • Set your profile to public. One of the biggest mistakes often made by business owners is not making their profile public. As a salon company, you need to understand that, you’re tweeting and posting information, media, and content for your customers. So you’ll limit your salon’s exposure if you set its profile to private.
    • Do not forget about your visuals. Again, visuals can attract clients more than anything. Utilise rich media when posting images of your products and services. That way, you’ll increase the audience appeal of your salon and stand out in the Twitter feed, which is fast-moving.


    By following these simple social media marketing tips for your salon, you will not only retain current clients but increase your chances of getting new ones. Moreover, you’ll gain brand loyalty and provide your followers with good user experience.